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Achievers  is an energetic and highly dynamic organisation, formed by a team of professionals with a total cumulative experience of over 10 years in the field of education, Management, recruitment, marketing and IT, amongst others.

Achievers works with a customer-focused, professional management philosophy with clearly defined deliverables and commitments. Our Customers Successes are the guiding principle behind our own success. We offer Best-of-Breed solutions upon careful study and requirements analysis of our clients. The academic services division of Achievers is a recognised entity by itself, which deals with international universities and is recognised by all the ministries in the Asia-GCC countries.

Achievers International consultants are dedicated to counsel students in the Saudi, UAE, UK, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Cameroon and other Gulf Countries looking for placements at overseas Universities. We recruit on behalf of many prestigious Universities and Institutes of Technology in the world.

Achievers is recognized throughout the
Saudi, UAE, UK, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Cameroon and the gulf area as one of the most dynamic 'Study Abroad' companies that provides secondary school students and university graduates with the exciting opportunity to study abroad.

Achievers  deals with New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and many other countries. Our focus is on the student and not on the university; we find the perfect fit and place the student accordingly. Education Zone staffs are renowned for their personal and caring service that they provide to their applicants.

The highly qualified staffs are consistently in contact with the Universities and Polytechnics and are up to date with the various educational changes that are taking place in the world of degrees and postgraduate studies.

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Mission Statement
•  Help local Schools to develop educational outcomes that match the government requirements, as well as the market requirements.
•  Help schools during their career fairs in guiding the students to the proper program and university that fits their potential.
•  Consult with educational and vocational institutions by assessing their performance in accordance with internationally approved standards.
•  Tailor training program for educational and administrative staff in schools and educational institutions, in cooperation with internationally recognized
    universities and colleges.
•  Help private educational & training organizations to provide best of the breed education & training services that is imported & harmonized from advanced
    countries in the world.
•  Secure training and developmental program to ensure effective participation in the advancement of the country.
•  Work with scholarship providers to process the applications of their students as well as to synchronize the scholarships to the labor market requirements
    and harmonize with the government’s 2020 mission.
Welcome to our brand new website. Education is the main theme of our business; we look after students, their aspiration and try and make them avoid choosing a field of study that does not match their qualities and attributes.

We give you the opportunity to study a selection of programs in different continents. Primary School, High School, Short and Long term English programs, Foundation, Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters and PhDs. We also offer vocational courses and excellent selection of English Business courses.

The decision to study abroad is a major financial, career and life changing decision for most students. There are important questions that need professional advice and assistance. We are available to help our student make informed choices and achieve their dreams of studying abroad.

We act as international education consultants to our student clients, helping them to make the right choices in terms of country, course and institutional selection.  Our experienced consultants and staff provide the information and advice that adds real value to their decision-making processes.

Hope you will enjoy the many options we have placed for your conveniences. If the educational option that you are looking for is not on the options above, then feel free to contact us and tell us about what is on your mind and we will try our best to help you with your needs.
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